How can I run Gaia/B2G OS? There are at least three pages talking of this topic!

Hi B2Nerds,

as usual I was surfing the MDN looking for pages to improve, when I found a topic that seems particularly heart-felt: “How can we run Gaia/B2G OS?”

There seems to be at least three pages on this:

Now, at first look, I think there’s a kind of overlay between those pages, so probably we can try to sum up everything in one or in two pages. But, before, we have to answer a bunch of questions:

  1. Is there any reason for this duplication?
  2. After the merge, Gaia and B2GOS are still something different or can we use indiscriminately “Gaia” and “B2GOS” as it seems to suggest the third link (Choosing how to run Gaia or B2G)?

I think we need not only a tech opinion on this, but also a wise one. It’s important to “avoid destroying things or making them even more confused”, as @lapineige said.

Feel free to share your idea :slight_smile:

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To explain what I mean, I prefer that we review the pages together, and make a “plan” (what we want to do) before changing anything - and not having several people making changes that could collide themself.

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we don’t have web ide, simulator. so , they aen’t necessary

Different ways to run gaia will be a main page & the rest two will be sub topic’s in it. Howz the idea ?

I would understand what were they used for, and if those tools are no more useful:

In there anyone with this clear in mind? :sweat_smile:

Were all those tools used only for testing apps? From what I can read, for example, WebIDE was used also for testing apps and webapps. So why shouldn’t we use it, at least for webapps testing?

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I am clear

  • Web IDE - we have no B2G specific api’s. So, not needed
  • Firefox OS Simulator - Same as stated above (not maintained too)
  • B2G Emulator - Builds aren’t maintained anymore

Mulet has functionality of all these three tools.

So, clear this whole mess :wink:

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Except one from WebIDE: debugging on the computer with information on the phone (highlight of selected element, …) and phone preferences edition.

But still, they are not working right now, so we can archive the pages.


Yes, webIDE is useful to debug and send/update apps during its development.

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Oh yes you’re completely right - and without hosting it somewhere (that might not be comfortable / fast).

Thinking about it, keeping WebIDE page might be a good thing

The others can be archived.

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