How can I train a model without a language model?

Hi, I was reading differents topics about drop space in output, now i want to train a model without a language model.

There’s no way to do it without modifying the code. You can replace the decode_with_lm call with tf.nn.ctc_beam_search_decoder and then WER reports won’t use the language model when decoding.

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Did I get it right that the LM is only used for decoding after the training? Because when I included my own lm and had a typo in the path to the lm.binary file it finished training (all epochs) and I got the error afterwards. I thought the lm is also included in training somehow. That was wrong?
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That is correct, the LM is only used for the test epoch, it does not influence training.

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I can’t find the decode_with_lm call --> is there an easy way for the newest version 0.5.0 as well not using the language model?

If you don’t specify the language model arguments on the command-line it won’t use the language model.

Actually, it’ll just use the default one in data/lm. I think we don’t have an easy way to disable that, you have to comment out the loading of the Scorer in

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Won’t setting lm_alpha and lm_beta to 0 ignore the LM? @lissyx suggested this would work.

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Are you sure?
I trained a non-English model, and tested it without passing lm parameters, and it gives output of my language without any problem. I think this for sure means the language model is disabled because otherwise non-English alphabets/words should be removed from the results. right?

try to remove/rename data/lm folder and test, please! unconditionally loads a LM/trie for scoring, if you don’t pass the flags it’ll use the default paths in data/lm. This is pretty easy to test, you already suggested an effective way to do it :wink: