How do I create an map with amount of accumulated rain?

Hello good afternoon everyone, I’m trying to create a map with the amount of rain accumulated with data that comes from a satellite, I managed to create a script to download the data from this satellite site, but this type of file seems to be more used in python, another problem that I found it was not finding any appropriate library for this type of map, someone already created this type in reactJS / node, someone already dealt with these types of maps could you help me?

exemplo of an map with amount of accumulated rain and an website with this

Hello @Lucas_Silva_Dantas_Abrantes

i did not dive into that but when i get data from third party as in your case
i ask my self the following:

  1. the data should be in universal/standard form like jason or xml or even test file but with certain format
  2. if the data with custom file type does they provide you with api to read that file
  3. some third party even provide api to maybe connect directly to their service

so does they provide you with any of that and if not could you provide more details about the data type

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I think you won’t get very far on Mozilla’s discourse, but I may be able to steer you to better resources.

The file I downloaded was in the Hierarchical Data Format, version 5 (HDF5), as identified by file, included with macOS and Linux. My guess is that it is actually NetCDF version 4, which is based on HDF5, which I learned from the HDF tag on the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) stack exchange.

I’ve worked with GIS data years ago, mostly wrestling with QGIS. Viewing a file in that program may be a good first step. Other places to start:

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