How do titles work? Can we use them like open badges?

(Akshay) #1

I see usercard titles next to the names of many members when they post on this discourse. Examples.

  1. How do one get these titles?
  2. Is it possible to gamify these titles and make them more like open badges. Things that people can work towards getting, and things that recognize one’s contributions?


Titles can be assigned to a person or to a group. I think the idea is not
to allow them to be gamified because they need to be informational.

Can you give some examples of what contributions you’d like to see
recognized and with which titles?

(Yousef Alam) #3

When you’re awarded a Discourse badge, you can use that badge as your title if the badge allows for it. We could make some custom mozillians ones potentially.

(Akshay) #4

Okay, makes sense. For example, on the add-on forum the add-on reviewers should get the add-on reviewer title or else it’s confusing for everyone.

In that case, maybe, hmm.

Okay, all the titles available in Mozilla would be titles available on discourse, right? Like “Rep”, “Mozillian”, etc? Or are there too many Mozillians that that title wouldn’t make sense?

Yes, but the current badges are too much discourse specific. So they ignore our activities outside discourse.

Yes, we could do this. I’d suggest “Mozillian”, “Webmaker”, “Code contributor”, “Bug triager”, and so on. But when they become too generic, it’d be too many to hand out would it be?


Totally agree. We should make a group with a title for these people. I’m not sure if moderators can manage groups, will look into this and we can work with the add-ons team to set this up.

Hmm, I"m not sure what I think of this. I like titles as information that is helpful to the reader, not a badge of honour that differentiates people. So for Add-on Reviewers or Add-on Moderators it’s important so that the reader can see that the person does have the authority to speak on an issue, their answer can be assumed to be correct. But for Mozillian vs Rep, I don’t know that the title needs to be exposed in everyday discussion. Again, happy to hear examples of where this would be useful!

(Akshay) #6

Hmm, okay, now I’m confused which titles are useful. I’ll just think out loud here.

If there was category specific titles, we could have “foxfooder” in foxfooding category, “participation leader” in participation category, “club lead” in FSA category. But discourse doesn’t have category specific titles. So it’d be confusing and potentially problematic to see a title out of its context. For example, if I see “participation leader” in my community category, I’d be like “oh, this person calls themselves a leader”.

But still there’re things like “coder”, “documenter”, etc. that can probably help in threads. For example, “Why does this person ask so many questions about the technical side? Oh this person is a coder”. But I think that might be helpful only for the “coder” title.

(Rubén Martín) #7

Discourse 1.5 will allow to define group curators, not ready yet.