How i can ad-block Mozilla Firefox?

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Mozilla browser can’t block ads. Is there any updated version with ad-blocking feature? I am search many times mozilla ad-block version, but can’t find. i can not browsing from indian music website for pop-ads such as kannadamasti. please tell me. How i can ad-block? please solved this problem.

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Hi bro, please install mozilla ad-block extension then solved this problem.

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Try this

Maybe SUMO would be a better category for such issues :slight_smile:



Yes, SUMO would be a good place for this, but you have inadvertently answered the question. :slight_smile:

Whilst there are many add-ons that could help, the current “go to” choice for many is ublock origin.

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bro Thanks for your kinds information

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yes you are right i am also face this problem naa songs this site so many pop i am try block pop always show Seburo thanks bro now i blocked pop