How is being on council different than you expected?

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What would you say is the biggest, or the most surprising difference of being in council compared to what you thought it would be like?

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When you join the Council you are very excited and think that its a magic place where all the fun happens, yet its quite different hahaha.

The Council is a tough job, honest.

But its an amazing job! when you are at the Council you realize that you are helping Reps to do big things that helps them to reach others and those others to reach more people, your point of view changes and you see the “big picture” of the Reps program, I’m very proud to be on the Council, its a great honor to serve other Reps :smile:


I agree with Arturo - you kind of think when you arrive, there is this machine that is working one way, and very easily it can be redirected or improved. The truth I found was that, Reps like any project is in a period of growth, which means we are still evolving - there is nothing broken, but there are things ‘not fully formed’, and so a lot of what we’ve been doing is less about fixing things, and more about shaping, evolving and managing.

It’s been super-challenging, especially for those times when we deal with conflict and you want to be an ally to everyone, but sometimes that’s also not possible. Making decisions is hard, also denying budgets to people you care about, and respect is also hard. Having said all of this the reward has been great, the council members and mentors I work with - the BEST, they care SO MUCH, work so hard. I am inspired by their dedication, and it makes me want to do better. I feel very fortunate for the opportunity, as crazy as it’s been at times.