How many Mozillians are working on Common Voice?

(Patrick Lehner) #1

I’m trying to calibrate my expectations about how quickly CV staff are going to respond, and how quickly changes to the project are being made.

So I was wondering if there is any info somewhere (or if one of the staff can shed some like) on what kind of people capacity Mozilla is currently using for CV?

For example, roughly how many FTEs are working on CV from Mozilla’s side? How many people are working with the voice-web repo? How many of those FTEs are (pure) developers, and how many other roles (UI, UX, PM, etc)?

Tangentially related, I’d also love to learn more about how the Mozillians involved in CV work (but if you feel this is sufficiently different, we can split this to a separate conversation): is the GH issue tracker your only tracker for this project? Or are you also using an internal tracker/board?
How is development organized? Do you work in sprints? Or do you just take care of things as they come up? How much work is currently being done conceptually and for planning vs. implementation?

Thanks in advance!

(Michael Henretty) #2

Hi @nevik,

Right now it is mostly me working on VC. I have some help from our Machine Learning expert, Kelly Davis, and Gozer from our Web Ops team. But I am the main engineer, and project strategist.

Right now, I have taken a few days off from working on the website to have some internal conversations with Mozilla about the best next steps for the website and project. The goal is to get some more help on the website, so stay tuned!

(Patrick Lehner) #3

Hi @mhenretty,

that’s good to know!

On the one hand, a bit of a pity not more people are working on CV. On the other hand, Mozilla has a lot of other important work :wink:

I’m looking forward to news about the project!

For now, this helps me set my expectations for reaction speeds and amount of work that can be done and reviewed in a given time.

(Sandeep Kapalawai) #4

Yes :smile: i am here