How on earth do you install a Thunderbird Theme?

For the life of me I can’t figure out how to get a theme to install in Thunderbird (52.9.1 on Windows 10). I open the add-on manager in Thunderbird, click one of the themes, it opens up in Firefox, and when I click add, it gets installed in Firefox, not in Thunderbird.

All of the how-tos I’ve found online are about downloading the xpi and installing it that way, but there is no download button on any of the themes I’ve found on

Can anyone tell me what I’m missing?

The discovery pane opening links in Firefox as you’ve described is a bug, it’s already been fixed and the fix should go live in TB62 beta and TB60 ESR when those come out.

In the meantime:

  1. Click on “Themes” on the left-side menu in the Add-on Manager.
  2. You’ll see “Looking to personalize your browser? Choose from thousands of themes.” at the top. Click on the second sentence.
  3. That will open the Theme page inside Thunderbird. Each theme listed here has a little “Add” button under it on mouseover, which will also be the case if you Search in the top right.

Ive written ASI (DVR-A900) with PowerShell

Install-WindowsFeature --name=AppEngine.Extensions.Themes

Now, you just type::

Install-Extension --name=<name-of-chosen-theme>

Then, just start ThunderBird

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Thanks to you both. I was beginning to feel like I was losing my mind. My searches hadn’t turned up any bug reports or anything, so I figured I was doing something wrong.

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Hello, what about installing on the Mac version 52.9.1 ? How would I go about installing them?


I’ve been struggling with the same problem for ages. Sorry if I’m missing something, but when I open the Addon Manager in Thunderbird the left hand menu reads: “Get Add-ons, Extensions, Appearance, Plugins, Dictionaries”. The word “Themes” is not in the list. Could you possibly take me from there? Thanks.

I don’t think installation works on TB52 anymore, you’ll need to update to TB60 from the website, at which point the steps posted should work, with the caveat that the Themes tab is named Appearance on Mac.

On Mac, the tab is labeled Appearance instead of Themes, but the rest of the steps are the same.

Also, note that this isn’t really a support forum. Support can be found at - Likely will get responses faster than here.