How to build pine and m-c (Please read)

(Alastair Pharo) #6

Just wondering, does the advice to revert frameworks/native to 521c01a6d3883da50b091ee0906ead3324a3dfbb only apply to devices running lollipop kernels by any chance? For example, I’m using nexus-4-kk, and I don’t see this commit anywhere in my frameworks/native git log (I can git show it, and it seems to be in a separate branch). So, for me switching to this commit would not really be a “revert”

(Lapineige) #7

Is it working fine ? That is a great news ! :slight_smile:

(Thomas Zimmermann) #8

Yes, if you don’t have a Lollipop device (or maybe even a Sony device),
you might not need to reset frameworks/native. The L branch carries a
fix for including the correct C++11 headers. I don’t have a definite
list of devices though.

(Thomas Zimmermann) #9

Some people reported problems with NDK release 12. Better use 11b instead.

(Erable) #10


First, sorry for my poor English.

Currently, the interface is very lightweight and still missing a lot of functionality to make it suitable for everyday wear. For example, I haven’t received SMS (send by me from another phone).

Works :

  • Call
  • Receive a call
  • browse the web
  • Wireless
  • Data (tested 4G)
  • screenshots

Don’t works (or impossible to test it) :

  • bluetooth (discoverable but failed to pairing ?!)
  • camera (no app)

If you want to test it for nexus 5 (provided “as is” without warranty) :
(If you want to use this ROM, it’s essential to wipe data !!!)

home page :


Receive a call

Browser :

Bookmark :

(Lapineige) #11

That’s just great !! :slight_smile:
Can you just open a topic an repost this, so the other people can find it easily, react, …
Thanks :wink:

(Lissyx) #12

Hopefully this is not needed anymore, I pushed a merge of current m-c on top of pine. You might need to apply though.

NDK is needed. As much as I can tell, r12 does not work but r11b works well.

(Lissyx) #13

As lapineige said, this is quite expected. B2GOS is in its early infancy, so there’s a lot to do. To distribute more safely legal-wise and more easily for people, you should do a blobfree build and then make it available in the B2G Installer :slight_smile:

(Sangyong Gwak) #14

Live long and prosper!

(Thomas Zimmermann) #15

These screen shots look fantastic. :smiley:

(Thomas Zimmermann) #16

Those of you, who do building or device maintenance, might want to subscribe to bug 1280600. [1] It’s a further cleanup of the configure and build scripts.


(M Ducorps) #17

Hi All,

Much probably getting the newbie issues… but build still failing see below don’t really understand the issue here.

EDIT: build.log is my log files i’m using to grab the error during the building.

Thanks for the help

(Thomas Zimmermann) #18

From this log, I’d say you have to fix frameworks/native. Alex merged (already?) m-c into pine. If you have this merge, you maybe need to get the update to frameworks/native. What’s your target device?

(Lissyx) #19

Is it possible there is incompatiblities with the default ubuntu xenial compiler and kitkat? Because this is “host C++” that fails …

(M Ducorps) #20

I’m building for “emulator-kk”

(Erable) #21

sorry about beginner questions, but I don’t understand :

  • what is the problem with respect to the legality?
  • how to make a blobfree build ?

I will take a look at b2g installer. I did not know this application.


i reverted from r12 to NDK r11b but get this:

checking for android platform directory... configure: error: not found. Please check your NDK. With the current configuration, it should be in /platforms/android-9/arch-arm
DEBUG: This file contains any messages produced by compilers while
DEBUG: running configure, to aid debugging if configure makes a mistake.
DEBUG: configure:1057: checking host system type
DEBUG: configure:1078: checking target system type
DEBUG: configure:1096: checking build system type
DEBUG: configure:1374: checking for android platform directory
DEBUG: configure: error: not found. Please check your NDK. With the current configuration, it should be in /platforms/android-9/arch-arm
ERROR: old-configure failed
*** Fix above errors and then restart with\
               "make -f build"
make[3]: *** [configure] Fehler 1
make[2]: *** [/home/novski/B2G/objdir-gecko/Makefile] Fehler 2
make[1]: *** [build] Fehler 2
make: *** [out/target/product/FP2/obj/DATA/gecko_intermediates/gecko] Fehler 2

real    43m51.965s
user    36m41.820s
sys    4m13.712s

> Build failed! <

I droped this line to the end of my user .bashrc:
export android_ndk=$android_ndk/home/username/android-ndk-r11b

learned here:

did i miss any configuration?

(Thomas Zimmermann) #23

The error indicates that the NDK path isn’t known or incorrect. Did you set the shell variable B2G_ANDROID_NDK_PATH to the NDK’s directory? Something like this:

export B2G_ANDROID_NDK_PATH="/path/to/android-ndk-11b"


you might be right i yust descovered that my path (pasted above) is faulty…

it should be:
export android_ndk=$android_ndk/home/novski/android-ndk-r11b

Im building again. hope it works this time…
Regards, Novski


didn’t work. i read here that the SDK is needed as well. I have only installed the NDK.
@erable did you install the SDK as well for your successfull build?

And, how can i check if the path settings of NDK are set right?