How to build pine and m-c (Please read)

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Yes … That’s why the original patch has a remove entry also.


There was no “platform/frameworks” line befor…
What do you mean?

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ah well. i was looking at the one you explaned earlyer… There its one line for the nexus-5-l.


ok added this line on top.
< remove-project name=“platform/frameworks/native”/ >
< project name=“platform/frameworks/native” path=“frameworks/native” remote=“b2g” revision=“77c23f8067bca84476f96d663efaae636817edd5”/ >
then: ~/B2G$ ./repo sync frameworks/native Fetching project platform/frameworks/native fatal: remote error: mozilla-b2g/platform/frameworks/native is not a valid repository name
I can see a folder named platform_frameworks_native in the git mozilla-b2g. Is it writen false or howcome it fails?


ah. i found it. The revision was not as in the git. Now i took the full base-l-aosp from git…
Then ./repo sync --force-sync frameworks/native because normal sync didn’t work.
Im now building new.


It’s building much longer now (doubbled in Time) but it still fails.
This are the last two senctences:

make: *** [out/target/product/FP2/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/hwcomposer.msm8974_intermediates/LINKED/] Error 1 make: write error


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Please compress logs when sharing them … 33MB log is not very fun to download over a mobile connection in a high speed train :confused:

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That’s your device problem:

hardware/qcom/display/libhwcomposer/hwc_utils.cpp:2119: error: undefined reference to 'eglGpuPerfHintQCOM’
hardware/qcom/display/libhwcomposer/hwc_utils.cpp:2094: error: undefined reference to 'eglGpuPerfHintQCOM’
hardware/qcom/display/libhwcomposer/hwc_utils.cpp:2106: error: undefined reference to 'eglGpuPerfHintQCOM’
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [out/target/product/FP2/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/hwcomposer.msm8974_intermediates/LINKED/] Error 1


:blush: ok. here with 1.1M:

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I don’t have a fairphone and I don’t have time to work on this right now.


ok. Thank you!

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On my Sony AOSP tree, eglGpuPerfHintQCOM is only referenced on msm8226 and msm8084 devices


where did you look this up?

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Seeing makes me wondering about the frameworks/native modification. You should try to using the branch that you were using and just cherry-pick the c++11 atomic fixes from thomas’ on top of that.

Just |cd frameworks/native| then |git checkout | with being the branch or the commit previously referenced in your fairphone2.xml, then just |git checkout -b fp2_c++11| and |git cherry-pick e92af361af5155574c3f05b9544aef194b760aa0|. It seems that should be |LA.BF.1.1.1_rb1.18|.


ok. Thanks a lot.
I did that and had to choos between git commit or git reset after the git cherry-pick xy… command so i did a git reset and started the build new… it will take around 2h. We will see…
See you! :grin:

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Choosing between reset and commit? I’m not sure what you did. Just make sure the change is there, otherwise you are just wasting your time :slight_smile:


You are right. It Failed again and i checked the file and the changes aren’t there…
what i did is below and you:

novski@novski-B2G-fresh:~/B2G$ cd frameworks/native
novski@novski-B2G-fresh:~/B2G/frameworks/native$ git checkout
fatal: Unable to create '/home/novski/B2G/frameworks/native/.git/index.lock': Permission denied
novski@novski-B2G-fresh:~/B2G/frameworks/native$ sudo git checkout
[sudo] password for novski: 
novski@novski-B2G-fresh:~/B2G/frameworks/native$ sudo git checkout -b fp2_c++11
fatal: A branch named 'fp2_c++11' already exists.
novski@novski-B2G-fresh:~/B2G/frameworks/native$ sudo git cherry-pick e92af361af5155574c3f05b9544aef194b760aa0
On branch fp2_c++11
You are currently cherry-picking commit e92af36.

nothing to commit, working directory clean
The previous cherry-pick is now empty, possibly due to conflict resolution.
If you wish to commit it anyway, use:

    git commit --allow-empty

Otherwise, please use 'git reset' 

so I used git reset and build and it failed.
Then i manualy changed the code of eglApi.cpp and to the linked git diff. My file is slightly different so i didn’t changed the full code. I just changed the lines i had to. 165/6 and 1553-1591.
That did it!
I now have a working B2G FP2 Device.
next step i will do blobfree…

@lissyx - Thank you Million times!


Im gathering the information needed to update the FP2 build thread and im not shure if i still need to checkout this mercurial stuf: hg clone pine.
Isn’t that now in B2G repo from github?

I did this befor m-c pine build:
hg clone pine

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No, you still need pine. Make sure you have an uptodate version of it: |hg pull && hg up -C|

Also, you probably made a mistake because you should not ever use |git| with sudo