How to delete an unnamed Log entry

I accidentally created a Log Screen strip chart that has no name. So when you select the graph, you get a blank page. And it is not deletable through the Web gateway. Any ideas on how to remove the object.

Was the log for a thing which no longer exists?

Still exists. It was supposed to be email sender log.

Ah, that’s a fun bug! I’ve filed an issue to prevent this in the future.

You can delete it as shown below. You’ll want to find the log with "property":"" in it. The ID is the first field (6 in the example below).

pi@gateway:~ $ sqlite3 ~/.mozilla-iot/log/logs.sqlite3
sqlite> SELECT * FROM metricIds;
sqlite> DELETE FROM metricIds where id = 6;
sqlite> .quit
pi@gateway:~ $ sudo systemctl restart mozilla-iot-gateway

Thank you. I’ll try that.