How to escape the Black Hole of No Engagement?

My wonderfully awesome new add-on was first published over three weeks ago.

I would have thought that the number of users, from basic curiosity alone, would at least surpass the single figure mark, but instead, there has been no engagement.

Quite early on, I posted updates on twitter, youtube, and reddit, but those platforms, I suspect, are exercising a policy of suppressing small and new accounts. My posts don’t showing up on their feeds, and unless people already know my profile, they will never see my updates.

Other developers seem to be doing alright, so what am I missing?

I’ll be grateful for advise from those with experienced in this kind of publishing.

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First off - I know how you feel. You put a lot of work in, but then results do not magically appear. Do not be alarmed by this - you had an idea, you made it happen. If only one other person uses it, that is fine - you have made their lives much easier.

But I can appreciate that you may want more users…which is awesome.

My top tip is to follow this guide to the letter:

Do everything this guide recommends and it will help.

It may also be the case that your add-on is just not going to be that popular. I have had it happen to me several times, and it is tough. But I turned it into a learning experience for my next add-on and made the next one even better.

I hope that this helps.



Those are some good tips.

ScrapBookMark ? :slight_smile:

  1. I shouldn’t be saying this but… there’s no Chome version.
  2. Are there other extensions that do the same thing?
  3. There’s Firefox Pocket.
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I didn’t want to mention my extension’s name on this forum, at the risk of sounding like a shill.

ScrapBookMark is modelled on ScrapBook Plus by haselnuss. There is simply no other like it.

After resisting the transition to Firefox Quantum for some years, and sticking with Waterfox in order to continue using ScrapBook Plus, I finally decided to recreate ScrapBook Plus as part of my transition to Firefox Quantum. ScrapBookMark is the result.

Chrome doesn’t have a native sidebar (and I’ve never used chrome), but if I see reasonable demand for a chrome version, I’ll consider it.

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