How to find development information for specific add-ons, e.g., author contact/open source repo?

(Stephan Druskat) #1

Hi, my first topic here.

I’d like to help porting an add-on to work with TB >= 60. However, I cannot find a way to either contact the author, or find information as to where a source code repo could possibly be. Is there a resource I haven’t found yet where this information is held? As the add-on is under an MIT license, the code should be available somewhere…


(Stephan Druskat) #2

ps: Specifically, I’d like to find out this info for the “Search as list” add-on.

(Martin Giger) #3

The MIT does not require the code to be available somewhere else. It requires the license to be distributed with the application.

You will likely find the code inside the extension and relatively readable by just downloading the XPI and opening it as a ZIP file.

(Stephan Druskat) #4

Thanks, that’ll do nicely. Should’ve been aware that the xpi is just a compressed dir really.

(Vseerror) #5

@sdruskat thanks for volunteering to help out. We need more volunteers like you!

(Dugite Code) #6

just fyi xpi is uncompressed zip not compressed. Just so you don’t have headaches when packaging later