How to get a installation file you can distribute privately so ANY one can install your extension?

Im create extension for different Counter Strike Betting sites. Unfortunatly is that against the rules of the store / list / AMO (or what it is called), so i have to self promote my extension, and that is also no problem…
BUT it seems like imposible to get a installation file in ANY way that i can share to who ever i wish. (used around 10 hours now to figure out how to distribute it to my viewers with out sending my whole folder and ask them to sign up as developers and manually install it O.o and that seems like OVER kill if thats the only way)

Does ANY one know, what i should do from here? my program is done, and all i need to know is how to make an installationen file my viewers can gain?

#BadRuleAgainstGambling #NoRulesOnCode

I think it’s better to continue in the other thread if that method isn’t working: Invalid Add-on URL (First Time Publishing)

You can create a new profile – not connected to your Firefox Account – to test whether users can install the signed XPI file from the server where you’re hosting it.