How to reduce font size of rules edit screen? aka: how to alter CSS (I guess)

I have a few rules that manage properties of 6-10 things e.g.: Go To Bed, which turns on some ligts and turns off all others. When I edit this screen the list of things are stacked on top of each other which is hard to view. I must then reduce the font size of the browser (ctrl -) to see items. Forget even attempting to edit them on your phone…

Q: is there an addon or way to edit the CSS to make display smaller?

Customizing BG & font color/size are additional questions on my mind.



Hi, @EricEdberg
I filed an issue on github related to your question, and was answered by @mrstegeman.
Check it out here: Changing the Moz://a dashboard interface. · Issue #41 · WebThingsIO/gateway-docker (