How to rollback to previous version?

(@ariefbayu) #1

Hi all,

I got the following news from foxfood channel on telegram:

Hey Foxfooders using on Z3C, we have a new Foxfooding build coming your way very soon! We’ll be pushing it through an OTA next week. In the meantime, please make sure you’re using a build ID “20151023104059”. If you aren’t, please check your notifications and do the system update which will update your build ID to “20151023104059” and put you on the “nightly” update channel. After next week’s OTA, you’ll be back on track and be automatically put on the “dogfood” update channel. If you have any questions, please ask on the Foxfooders telegram group. Thanks!

Currently, I am on build ‘20151201022158’ using nightly-latest channel. Since I would like to use the official dogfood channel (not the bleeding edge). How do I rollback my device to “20151023104059”? It’s fine for me to remove data on device if that’s to be done.

(Brian King) #2


How did you get on that build? Did you flash a community build on it?

(@ariefbayu) #3


I get it by using “nightly-latest” channel for Aries.

(Flore) #4

I’m jumping in. I am still on 20151019102225 but the next update has a different buildID (although the same day): 20151023103433

Will that be okay?

One more thing, I noticed on the settings app that the buildID and the compilation number, although on the same date, have different ending (timestamps) which could explain this discrepancy (see screenshot below).

(Asa Dotzler) #5

You should be able to set the channel back to “dogfood” and you’ll get the next available tested build. I expect there will be one in the next few days.

(@ariefbayu) #6

Thanks. Right now I already set my device to ‘dogfood’.