How to start in FSA?

(kal) #1

hi friends , i want begin in FSA , some link ?


(Bolaram Paul) #2

@kal Great !!

Sign up Here
know more about us Here

Thanks . have a good day :slight_smile:

(Viswaprasath) #3

My Suggestion is get to know about contribution areas in Mozilla.

Check which is more exciting to you. Learn about it, talk in IRC with other contributors.
Start contributing, learn more and contribute more.

In our region (Tamilnadu, India) we had small sessions to introduce some contribution areas, please check this link

If you have doubts regarding Apps development, Firefox OS qa, and MDN basics I will be happy to help you.

(Bolaram Paul) #4

Awesome !! :slight_smile: @VP7

(kal) #5

i´m sending request form … now i waiting response ?

(Viswaprasath) #6

@kal what form ?

(kal) #7

@VP7 this form