How to switch on debugging gaia apps using webide

I’m running a master build on flatfish and I’m not able to the the apps using webide. what am I missing? some switch to see privileged apps? Does anyone know?


OK first does it recognize your device ( the drop down menu ) ?

yes, it does, but in the menu off the apps, I see only my own ones. not the installed apps.

Oh yes i read something about that in the MDN …
here it is : Unrestricted app debugging (including certified apps, main process, etc.) part

Thanks. So it seems I have to press that
"Reset and enable full DevTools" Button inside the developer settings on flatfish to get full access.

will try that out.

travelled back, now I’m with the flatfish. opening settings->developer
pressing “reset and enable full DevTools”. a dialog pops up, and neither cancel or reset is working. does anyone know that?

I created bug 1139160 for that.