HTML5 Section Page

I want to redo this page:

Major goal is focusing less on html4 and an unadopted w3c spec and more on the html5 elements for sectioning


Major Elements





(technically header and footer don’t fit here but may include)

section for each element

accessibility concerns

section v div soup

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Hi @jgmac1106,

This sounds like a pretty good idea. It seems weird to spend so much page space on something that was never implemented by browsers. It would make more sense to say what the elements are, show a good accessible example of using sections and outlines, get rid of the HTML5 shim for older browsers stuff (or maybe just mention it as a legacy technique in a note), and then mention the unimplemented HTML5 algorithm somewhere at the bottom, just for some further historical context.

Overall, I think your structure looks good. I’d be happy to give it a review after you’ve finished.

As an FYI, the page still gets a reasonable number of views — about 5000 per month according to GA. Not a top performer, but still significant.

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Cool will provide a good baseline to see if increasing the usability of a page leads to an increase in traffic.

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Yeah, totally! It is always good to test these things.

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