I cannot create a collection for my themes

I’m new to Firefox and I’ve just made two very basic themes, so I decided to start a collection as I plan on making more. However, I’ve run into trouble with actually creating a collection. I can give the collection a title, enter a description, view the auto-generated URL in the last input box and then click on the blue “Create Collection” button, but all I get is a red error box with a message that reads:

“The custom URL must consist of letters, numbers, underscores or hyphens.”

What on earth am I doing wrong here? Please help. Thank you.

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Same here, but for an addon collection. Attempting to get one to install more addons in Android nightly

Same problem here. Tried different browsers, on both mobile and PC, same result.

I am experiencing the same issue. Unable to create a collection regardless of browser or device.

If the first letter of the collection name you created is uppercase, try changing it to lowercase.


This managed to solve my issue, I initially had Uppercase which I changed to all lowercase. It worked. Thank you!