I cannot log in to SUMO! I never was able to!

(Andrei Petcu) #1

I never was able to log int to SUMO. This is quite frustrating since I’m quite active on Twitter on the #fxhelp hashtag. Also, if I have this issue, how many non-Mozillians have this issue?

I keep my password in a password manager so there are slim chances that it is wrong. When I try to log in, it says that my password is wrong. Fine… I reset the password, I get an email… set a similar password and it seems to have changed the password.

Try to log in with the new password and it fails again. My user name is andreipetcu and my password is 16 alphanumeric character. No special characters or spaces.

Please help.

(Michal Stanke) #2

Hi Andrei.

A user andreipetcu does not exist in SUMO (https://support.mozilla.org/user/andreipetcu). Are you sure you have signed up there with exactly this username? Maybe @guigs can search the list of users if you are somewhere there…

(Andrei Petcu) #3

Solved it.

Aaahhhhh damn…I had the user name wrong in my password manager… it was petcuandrei. I thought there was an issue with the reset password…

Thank you!