I don't want to go to a firefox.com website to get my screenshot

(Eric O'Connor) #1

This is so stupid, just save the .png locally. I don’t want to use your
stupid web service.

(Clouserw) #2

Click the download button instead of the save button. Any ideas you have to differentiate the two are welcome.

(Eric O'Connor) #3

I only see a “save full page” and “save visible”, neither of which has
a download button.

(Chuck Harmston) #4

The button you’re looking for is annotated here with the pink arrow.

(It’s a little funny taking a screenshot of a screenshotting tool.)

(Eric O'Connor) #5

Oh, I see that when I hand select a region but not for a whole page or

(Clouserw) #6

I filed that issue at https://github.com/mozilla-services/screenshots/issues/2914


Will you consider providing the option to disable the Save button and give the download button equal prominence? I use Firefox at work and would find Page Shot very useful but for reasons of confidentiality, organisational policy etc. I’m wary of installing it because my employer would have problems with me storing some of my screenshots on a third-party site. It’s just too easy to click Save instead of Download. I understand the focus of the tool is to enable social sharing but it could be a great workplace tool as well.

(Teoh Han Hui) #8

“Save” should really be renamed “Share” to avoid confusion.