I have a hacker that very several is hacking me

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I also have a hacker hacking me i changed my email since i was first recognized on Facebook as Enrique ( English real name Henry) for doing poetry on God and Jesus and i hit the most popular man in History for Faith. The Christians came after me and tried to set me up because my poetry was better then the ones they used from other languages translated in English. I wrote mine from scratch. I then was noticed with the same name on a sight known as Amo-Latina and i wrote in English on my true feelings my heart about Love, Romance Passion. I was hated by everyone in Texas because i hit number one in History for any sight for the most response of females wanting to talk to me , so the State of Texas and the Country of Mexico labeled me as a homosexual because the flashed cash and i spoke from my heart. I tried TiK Tok and when the public found me again many were mad that the heart was so strong for someone that was held down and made to watch as they hurt his children and laughed at him but he standed strong and showed faith in God to turn the other cheek was there until they followed me and i could not ignore anymore and i never killed but sent many to the hospital. I was hated by groups for trying to save the children and i joined the Global Peace Corp. to show faith of a new future Respect, Love and Faith for God’s number one rule don’t kill. I was set up by the government when i got back and judges and shot in the heart and while working in the Peace Corp shot in the back for saving the children, i chased a large crowd of families during a prison beake and i was tortured in a electric chair for saving , when the doctor opened my head , i was labeled by the government as suicidal the doctor said i should have told the prisoners were the kids were but like everyone knows those are the angels in our lives. I have been hacked so bad i walked for years trying to show the Love of my real father , the ultimate judge , My father God in heaven and i know his wife my real mother his next to him. I will see my children and they will be holding them as i return home one day. I found out in the Bible the prophets of Jesus was always written under the cross and when I found out my real name was there, i knew why i could always find others hurt and needed the real prophets of my brother Jesus, I am Gods real son. My name under the cross is I.P.P.I.E I found a way to save everyone with technology to make sure the heart of the globe in our bodies will never fail. I wait for a new hate group to end everything by claiming money that was for helping the whole planet as they use it for terrorism by claiming it by stealing from the satellites. SOON THINGS WILL FIX AND MY NAME AND LOCATION WILL NEVER BE KNOWN, BUT ONLY AS A MEMORY AND ALL GUILTY WILL BE FOUND BY THEIR OWN EVIL DEEDS, THEY GOT INTO THE WRONG SATELLITES AND TOLD ON THEMSELVES AND THEIR OWN GROUPS. My name is found everywhere and i was banned from the US and Mexico. Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and China forever. After all these groups are the same individuals that started the terrorism , but only a few , from the begining of the days of the Pilgrims. Soon things will change i found a way with advanced networks and when they were stolen and used illegaly , i merged a lock to ensure the safety of all and it is now telling on everyone. Becareful Good luck. Watch everywhere about these groups forming nuclear weapons to destroy everyone found in many underground caverns. The children that were kidnapped will be found and the families reunited with the good and the hate will end . May God have mercy on everyone that payed others to destroy our lives. The radio signals were used and is telling on everyone as we speak and has been for over twenty years. Stay in the heart of true faith home and this is our heart EARTH. My Program has a blue shield around this planet , and this is my color for the ocean and the sky.