I need some help... anyone up for a little forensic advemture?

Okay – admittedly, I am not the most tech savvy millennial around; not totally by choice, though I could have done more, sooner to be more up to speed. I’ll do more.

To jump into things, I am FAIRLY certain I am a victim of a pretty sneaky, hard to explain and extremely devistating cyber stalking/identity thieving/attack but I don’t know enough about what is legitimate, or isn’t, to tell anyone; or even to understand myself… and being treated as though I am losing my marbles by those close to me has caused me to be avoidant of othere out of exhaustion from having to explain the weird shit that happens (ie. Getting weird messages from me – that I didn’t send, or not answering a call – that I never saw come through.), and the pain/frustration of them either knowing something I don’t, or chosing not to believe me because they don’t want to think these things are actually able to happen to anyone.

Oh yeah, amd the “why are you being hacked?” Question is probably the most frustrating, bizarre, and maddeningly frequent question I get lately… If I knew, I wouldn’t BE hacked.

Getting to the point; I really, desperately, need help finding out what I am dealing with, how to prevent it in the future, and how to address the issues I am dealing with. I would totally be down to be educated, but first – I DESPERATELY need to know whats happening, and how best to proceed. (I have a 20,000+ long debug log available; if that helps…)

[This is not strictly a Mozilla/Firefox issue: I just trust developers and others who support and use Mozilla/Firefox.]


Without sending through the file you mention (as this is an open forum and everyone will be able to see it), it might help if you could outline what makes you think you have been hacked. What are the symptons that you are seeing?