IAM/CoSS/ParSys Sprint F Review

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Community contributed Pull Requests

Once again a huge thank you to @mkohler and @Mte90 for their ongoing commitment in advancing the ReMo portal.
Great to see @curiouslearner as new contributor. Welcome!

Release Notes

IAM/CoSS Sprint Review



OKR Confidence Levels

Habemus OKRum!
This is our latest Q1 OKR confidence scoring. It is prefixed in brackets, the scale is 1 (low confidence) to 10 (high confidence).

O1: The IAM Stack is highly reliable

  • (7) KR1: Moderator is hosted on the new, kubernetes-based Mozilla IAM infrastructure
  • (10) KR2: Basic end-to-end monitoring and alerting is in place for access group changes
  • (10) KR3: Test automation coverage for all major IAM use cases

O2: Easy to use

  • (10) KR1: The New Login Experience (NLX) is deployed to all Mozilla IAM properties
  • (10) KR2: (SSO) Dashboard alerts are made actionable
  • (7) KR3: Mozillians.org Repositioning UX research identifies key user needs
  • (9) KR4: There is a plan to replace the Mozillians.org API with a public Person API