IAM/CoSS/ParSys Sprint I Review

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

Dear Stakeholders,

Here we go with our regular update …


  • The CoSS Event Utility is progressing on all remaining areas for broad(er) adoption: localization, brand compliance, Mozilla IAM integration (and a great HTTP Observatory score).
  • Discourse announcements from the #ossn will soon be ingested into the Open Source Student Network program website.
  • New Login Experience (NLX): One of the most-requested features of recent time is to control whether or not NLX attempts to autologin its users. We are currently prototyping UIs for this and expect to release this in May.
  • Thanks to a collaboration with IT Infrastructure (Josh Howard), the IAM Project is able to restart it’s work on IAM Infrastructure. Daniel began working on a reusable CI/CD pipeline with CloudFormation, CodePipeline and CodeBuild. :tada:
  • Mozillians.org is now deleting profiles flagged by Akismet once per day. We also re-discovered that profiles which are manually reported as spam by vouched Mozillians are deleted once per day. :wink:

Community Contributions

Release Notes

IAM/CoSS Sprint Review



OKR Confidence Levels

This is our latest Q2 OKR confidence scoring. It is prefixed in brackets, the scale is 1 (low confidence) to 10 (high confidence).

O1: Easy to manage and trusted security

  • (5) All Staff members have Mozillians.org profiles
  • (2) Workday API integration scoped out with People team
  • (4) Main components of the IAM Stack are hosted on the kubernetes-based Mozilla IAM infrastructure
  • (1) Expiration of access based on service usage

O2: Build towards high-value needs

  • (7) Add Firefox Accounts to account linking
  • (7) Add Firefox Accounts as login method to Mozilla IAM
  • (5) The Person API replaces Mozillians.org’s public API
  • (2) Plan transition of Bugzilla to Mozilla IAM

O3: Mozilla IAM is easy to use

Idea for Mozilla: united newsletter about events and manager