IAM/CoSS Sprint A Review

Dear Stakeholders,

here we go with our regular update … in 2018 we use letters from the Latin Alphabet for our sprints. :slightly_smiling_face:


  • We are component’izing the Content Utility. First traces can be found in the bootstrapped CoSS repo.
  • All Mozillians.org Access Groups now get a G Suite Team Drive provisioned.
  • Lots of updates to our New Login Experience (NLX). Please test it by hitting Login on Moderator.
  • We Landed a set of Mozillians.org group management enhancements:
    • Only vouched users with multi-factor authentication (MFA) accounts can be invited to the NDA (i.e. Mozilla LDAP or Github+2FA).
    • Only NDA members can request access to a reviewed access group.
    • NDA members can now be curators of an access group. (This is the aka @tad Use Case )

Community contributed Pull Requests

Release Notes


IAM/CoSS Sprint Review


OKR Confidence Levels

We don’t have Q1 OKRs yet. Shame on @hmitsch. :cry:


Thank you so much @tanner for help setup the Rust Roadshow domain on Terraform module, it’s working pretty fine for us during the Rust campaign.

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