IAM/CoSS Sprint B Review

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

Dear Stakeholders,

here we go with our regular update …


Community contributed Pull Requests

  • The Mozilla Community Web Services (MCWS) Team met in Toronto at the end of January. MCWS is a volunteer run team which shares many objectives with the Open Innovation Products& Engineering team. We amplify our strengths and mitigate our weaknesses. Huge :heart: :love_you_gesture: and :heart_eyes_cat: to the whole team. One of the documents that came out of the meeting is: MCWS Team Roles and Responsbilities

Release Notes

Remark: We will still write a release notes on the latest Mozillians.org production deploy (https://jenkins.services.mozilla.community/job/mozillians/job/production/81/) /cc @akatsoulas @nemo

IAM/CoSS Sprint Review



OKR Confidence Levels

We still don’t have Q1 OKRs. @hmitsch is already hiding under a rock because this is so embarrassing.