IAM/CoSS Sprint E Review

Dear Stakeholders,

Here we go with our regular update …

Reverting to Participation Systems

In mid-December 2017 we renamed our team from Participation Systems to Open Innovation Products & Engineering. During the past 3 months we realized that this team name was confusing rather than helping people understand what we do. So we decided to do the same we would do with a production rollout that goes south: We revert to the previous stable version. Please join me in welcoming (back) our old/new/old name Open Innovation Participation Systems.


  • Discourse posts in the #ossn category are now surfaced on the Open Source Student Network site. This integrates the CoSS Website Builder Utility with its Discussion Utility.
  • Lot’s of improvements to New Login Experience’s (NLX) auto-login. Hope it works better for you now.
  • Improved alerting on the (SSO) Dashboard.
  • For Staff members, the Mozilla IAM stack now relays information about staff type, cost center and executive level.
  • Lots of improvements for our IAM Stack development and operations tooling.

Community contributed Pull Requests

Special thanks to @mkohler and @Mte90 for the latest ReMo release, including:

  • Fixed the ordering of events in the API
  • Fixed a login issue in the mobile view

Release Notes

IAM/CoSS Sprint Review


OKR Confidence Levels

Given up on Q1 OKRs. @hmitsch work on Q2 OKRs ongoing.