IAM/ParSys Sprint Alpha and Beta Review

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

Dear Stakeholders,

It’s been a while since our last public update. High five to @williamq for pointing this out. :wink:

Following Sprint K we attended the Mozilla All Hands. Sprint Alpha includes achievements from this sprint-pause phase. Additionally we report on the Sprint Beta below.

Why did we move from Roman letters to Greek letters? Following excellent UX research, the IAM Project is entering the delivery phase for Mozillians Repositioning which is forecast to culminate in a truly merged Staff and Volunteers phonebook by the end of the year.

So … here we go with our regular update …


  • (α & β) Events Utility:
    • View Source launched on Events Utility.
    • Event Discovery Theme is being scoped out (i.e. going from mozilla.org to events.mozilla.org).
    • GDPR compliance: Adding consent feature to contact import. A feature request to Splash, our underlying SaaS provider. This improves GDPR-compliance for everyone on that platform.
  • (α & β) NLX, the login experience:
    • Drastically improved speed.
    • Compatibility with iOS password manager.
    • Added a maintenance banner. This brings us a step closer to continuous deployment.
  • (α & β) Mozillians Repositioning - project code name DinoPark:
    • Lots of architecture, technical spikes and development setup.
    • Bringing local development support to CIS, a core element of the IAM Stack which keeps Profile v2 in sync.
    • Started building our new front-end which consumes profiles with Vue.js.
  • (α) Moderator: Vouched Mozillians can now create events in Moderator.

Community and Cross-Org Contributions

  • (α) @tanner went through the tedious process of setting up a Discourse category for Mixed Reality, along with 5 subcategories (one restricted to NDA and one restricted to an Internal Mixed Reality Group) incredibly quickly - thanks Tanner!
  • (β) Thanks to all the volunteers and staff flagging spam profiles on Mozillians.org using the report button: @rcmainak, @Delphine
  • (β) Thanks to the volunteers hardcore IAM-aficionados who continuously help us with (volunteer) end-user support: @syam, @mkohler, @anthony, @hostmaster, @tanner

Release Notes

IAM/CoSS Sprint Review

Sprint (α)

Sprint (β)


OKR Confidence Levels

We don’t have fully aligned & signed Q3 OKRs yet. Stay tuned.