IAM/ParSys Sprint Delta and Epsilon Review

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

Due to summer vacation this post summarizes the past four weeks (2 sprints) of achievements.

Dear Stakeholders,

Here we go with our regular update …


  • Shipped a number of product enhancements to our Events Utility: Themes updated, RSVP email branding, CPG footer link
  • Low Integrity Authentication: Large Audience Sites (e.g. SUMO, MDN, L10N, Common Voice) do not rely on a contributor’s identity and instead have programmatic contribution validation measures in place. As a consequence we want to allow people to authenticate with identity providers that are not necessarily their most secure (e.g. passwordless email). This concept is going to be piloted with Common Voice and has landed on our staging system where it is currently being QA’ed.
  • The latest version of our Login Experience (NLX) allows sites to turn on the Log In / Sign Up flow.
    Instead of “Login with email”

    clicking the Log in / Sign up button now routes you to a “Log in or Sign Up” wording

    This is already implemented on Mozillians.org and Discourse and will be used on Common Voice too.
  • DinoPark (Mozillians.org Repositioning) Front-End keeps growing, first parts of Search are landing. Profile v2, a prerequisite is also taking shape.
  • Secondary emails are coming to Discourse. This has been in the making for 18 months and we will share a separate post about this.

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