IAM/ParSys Sprint Gamma Review

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

Announcement: Due to summer vacation the next update will probably follow in 4 weeks.

Dear Stakeholders,

Here we go with our regular update …


  • Event Utility and Discourse are back up to a B score on Observatory, thanks for support from InfoSec.
  • The community rollout of the Event Utility is taking shape. We had a product walk-through with the Community Development team.
  • We aim to reduce community-filed support cases with NLX (Mozilla’s Login Experience). As a consequence, there are two new way to prevent autologin: Use our back button, we also stop autologin when it has already happened in past 10 minutes for the same site.
  • Mozillians.org Repositioning (aka DinoPark) is reaching the frontend: We landed a basic UI in CSS for profiles, and took first steps with GraphQL.
  • We are close to run the SSO Dashboard on our kubernetes-based IAM Infrastructure.

Community and Cross-Org Contributions

  • Thank you to @syam and cr for QA with the Events Utility. Additionally, @syam triaged a number of IAM bugs, and contributed in many other ways.
  • Shout out to @tanner who submitted a terraform PR for creating a new EC2 instance for #mcws needs.
  • Thanks to Algogator for patching mozilla-django-oidc to be used with JWK keys with optional alg.

Release Notes

Not exactly a release note, but quite a cool thing in the making:

IAM/CoSS Sprint Review

Sprint γ


OKR Confidence Levels

We don’t have fully aligned & signed Q3 OKRs yet. Stay tuned.