IAM users that login with LDAP username and password affected by two day period of incorrect display name and email aliases

For IAM users that use LDAP username and password to login, from October 28th around 18:00 UTC to October 30th around 21:00 UTC, your Display Name presented to websites you logged into was your email address instead of your full name.

For example, during this period of time if John Doe logged into a website that website would get this users display name as jdoe@mozilla.com instead of John Doe

Additionally users’ email aliases would have also been incorrect. Instead of passing websites your list of email aliases, it would have passed only your primary email address and no aliases. For example instead of passing john@mozilla.com and nosferatu@mozilla.com as aliases it would have passed jdoe@mozilla.com.

I apologize for this impact. Here is the fix that corrected this problem if you’re curious.

If you are affected by this problem, you can go to https://sso.mozilla.com/ click your picture in the upper right and select Logout. Next log back in with LDAP and these attributes will be fixed.

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