Idea: send video to running VLC via web API

(Headless) #1

I am aware of multitude VLC mozilla addons that open video in new instance of VLC media player using “a minimal native-client application”.
And I think this is bad - additional tools give new potential attack vector.
Is there anything stopping from creating addon like Send to Kodi ?
VLC has full web API (even if you have to turn it on) and should be fully capable of playing media from URL. (I use it to play YT by url all the time).
Additional bonus: you can define multiple instances (once send to localhost, once to other laptop/mediacenter running VLC).

Anyone up for grabs?

(Headless) #2

I have made quick fork and added VLC call with config in preferences.

VLC must be running.
Feel free to verify if it works. (apparently .xpi does not work fully, have to load from source via addons:debugging).