Ideate The Shape : London Session

We sat in our team room this morning… only ever so slightly jet-lagged… and sketched and crafted for a few hours. Our ideas are based on the simple idea of ambient communication between people. We sketched shoelaces (maybe exercise to send messages?), binder clips (connect friends at school), modular gems, charms and rings (communication wearables), fridge magnets (connect family), bowls (communicate people and things status), conference badges (connect & network people), friendship thread (connect friends), and so many more…

It was fun to use markers, glitter glue and x-acto blades, rather than laptops. Lots of good conversation about ideas and new ways to connect us to each other in non-disruptive ways

We’d love to see your ideas!

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I missed most of this session (I was more than slightly jet-lagged) but I 100% agree on the value of making real things vs. virtual/digital things.

I ran into this clock+ambient-indicators (+ too many other functions) today: which to my mind is both an object lesson in feature creep and how-not-to-do-it. At the same time though, this picks up a theme we talked about early on with the clock being one of the focal points in the home. So add clocks to that list.