Identifying and sharing resources for web builders, how to do it

(Jeremie Patonnier) #1

Hello everybody,

Now that we have identified the problem we should solve as a community we have to find how to do it.
The research that have been done indicate that the problem we have to solve is the following:

“As a web builder, how can I get high quality information about building for the web and how can I circulate information among peers.”

Now is the right time to help with any idea you could have to solve that problem (at that stage, assume everything is possible). Feel free to comment here or add you ideas to that Etherpad:


(Shanehmi) #2

dear i have some issue when i using my mozilla, some time different sites not working properly, like facebook and other social sites, even when i try to open other different sites like Techriation mozilla could not open these sites in first attempt. kindly tel me the solution?
should i re-install my mozilla or not???