If it is not possible to inspect an element in Selenium WebDriver, how can it be located?

Recently got this question during the interview: At that time I was unable to give the answer…adding the reference for learners. Might be helpful.

Is it possible to use only perform() without build()?

Yes, it is possible to use the perform() method without calling the build() method. The build() method is used to construct and return an instance of the ActionChains class, which is a container for a series of actions. However, if you don’t call build(), the actions will be performed immediately when you call perform().


The above line of code is an example of using perform() without calling build(). The move_to_element(), click() methods are chained together and the perform() method is used to execute all the chained actions.

However, it is important to note that, perform() method is used to execute all the chained actions only after calling build() when you are chaining multiple actions together and want to execute them together.