If you have a Flatfish tablet or will be receiving one, it is important that you read this post to help prevent bricking your tablet

(Veera Manikanta) #41

Inorder to install MozStumbler i tried to connect tablet via app manager to desktop.And error pop out i.e. debugging is not enabled on your device then i enabled USB Debugging

Settings–>Device Information --> More Information–>check the Developer Menu checkbox.
Tap the new Developer menu on the left and set Debugging via USB to “ADB and DevTools”.

that’s it.

(Steve Lee) #42

Could you confirm that debugging was already set to “ADB Only” and not “disabled” as you imply? I only ask as we spent a lot of energy thinking it really was “disabled” when it was probably “ADB Only”.

(Veera Manikanta) #43

yes it was already set to “ADB Only” but i enabled to ADB and DevTools.

(Veera Manikanta) #44

i reset my tablet.thanks for everyone here

(Steve Lee) #45

Great! And thanks for confirming the setting.

(Robin Jacobs) #46

“Developer menu” was checked by default. There’s not developer menu on the left in the Settings app, though. So I’m not sure how I should proceed in enabling ADB.

It would seem that it’s actually enabled by default.
[robin@pingwing ~]$ adb devices

  • daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
  • daemon started successfully *
    List of devices attached
    FLATFISH_123456 device

(Syafiq) #47

Great tips and it’s worked before update bootloader for my #flatfish :smiley:

(Steve Lee) #48

Great. Thanks for tge feedback. The guys who created them will be happy.


The “flash.bat” file for Windows does not exist in the build files from dropbox, here is a link to that file (Link).
I think we should add in the build files.


Can someone point out why their is no .bat file in the builds that are on Dropbox?

(Steve Lee) #51

Best ask on IRC. My hunch is the files you see are created by the main build system which only runs on Linux. This bat is new only for easy flashing of Tablets and I suspect was manually added for some builds.

I think the file on this page will work
But Firefox may block the download by default

(Steve Lee) #52

The file is on the flashing instructions page
"Extract this file into the same folder as your build files".

(Caspy7) #53

Those who are unfamiliar with flashing on their own should not be getting linked (or linking others) directly to the dropbox page.
The proper files/links are all available from the flashing page (with the exception if the *nix bash script).
The .bat and .sh files only need to be downloaded once as they do not change.
We originally had a much more simple .sh script packaged with the .bat but one of the vendor developers seems to have created and maintained a more robust script for Linux which he’s been leaving in the build folder, so I’ve deferred to his skills on that one.

(Michal Vašíček) #55

Hello, is there anybody with Flatfish tablet who doesn’t actively use it and the tablet is just lying on the desk? We would need a tablet to test Firefox for Android localization in Mozilla.cz and when Android ROM for Flatfish appeared, Flatfish that is not currently used would really help us.