Image not showing in Facebook after refresh

(Janet Ma'ly) #1

I tried to use my screenshot in a post on Facebook. I thought it was working well but on returning to Facebook to look at the post, there is no image where the screenshop should be. ??

(Clouserw) #2

Hi, my best guess for this scenario is that the screenshot expired. By default it expires after 14 days. You can change that by adjusting the drop down at the top of the page after you take a shot.

(Janet Ma'ly) #3

This actually happened within minutes of posting the screenshot on Facebook. It did become visible after a while and still is. I wasn’t aware they expire so, though it doesn’t explain my issue, I appreciate your informing me on that.

(Clouserw) #4

Ah, so it was being slow. If it happens again please let us know and I’ll file a bug for more investigation. Thanks for following up!