Image of a webpage, not just the part of it displayed on the screen

(Spcl67) #1

It would be nice (IMHO) if it were possible to get an image (either a jpeg or a png) of a whole webpage, not just of the part that is being displayed on the screen. AFAIK this is not possible yet.
Taking a screenshot OTOH is already possible: there are several options for this.

I know the size of such an image can be enormous. Maybe an upper limit would be useful: e.g. 100Mbytes. And yes, I know: a 100Mbyte jpeg is huge :wink:

(Ethyl Formate) #2

I just used it today and got an image of a huge page. Just let go of the square, and then roll up the page. Grab the corner of the square and pull it down further. Worked great for me. But it was a biiiiig image! Try it. Hope this helps.