Impact report of #MozINTF15

(Jafar Muhammed) #1

Hello Reps,

I am happy to share some Social Media impact that was created during the Community India Task Force Meetup, held from 8th May 2015 to 10th May 2015. Though the event was confined for three days the #hashtags were bombarded on social media before and after it.

81 users made 500 posts which produced a reach of 62,189. A total of 3,27,217 impressions was generated with all of your efforts.

#HiMom and #mozilla was the most used Hashtags

Watch the #HiMom video if you missed it
Thank You @anushbmx for making this awesome video within the very limited time frame.

33.8% original posts were created and 58.4% Retweets made over that. 7.8% engaged with these tweets as replies.

Gender wise statistics: 20% females 80% males.
53% impressions were generated from Android devices and 37.2% from Desktop/Web applications.

The top 2 tweets:
@galaxy’s tweet (Retweeted 16 times)
@priynag’s tweet (Retweeted 13 times)

Data source Twitter.

Thank you all for collaborating.

Special thanks to the Social Media & the Creative team of Mozilla India, for making these numbers a reality.

Keep on rocking the free web.

(Michael Kohler) #2

Those are great numbers, well done everyone! :smile:

Also really love the #HiMom video, amazing idea!

(Vigneshwer Dhinakaran) #3

Awesome numbers.
This is inspiring me to report my future events in this manner.
Well done @pmjcreations and team :smile: