[IMPORTANT] Changing the look of your login

(Syamkumar) #21

:heart_eyes: good work on the new login system. really loved it.

(Axel Grude) #22

I am sorry but this is REALLY REALLY broken. It only work in private browsing mode. as soon as I use normal browsing it rederiects to google authentication, and there eis NO CHANCE entering a github credential. SO it effectively locks me out unless I use private browsing. I tried deleting all mozillians.org cookies but it still redirects. I would politely suggest that you should not SNOOP SESSION DATA from other tabs, that is an EXTREMELY CREEPY way of doing authentication. And it makes it impossible to use for me I have 12 google accounts and often are logged iinto multiple ones. And I do not want to be forced using google as gatekeeper for my Mozilla data.

(Hidde de Vries) #23

Hi Axel,

Thanks for your feedback.

Autologin is a feature that works well for most people, as it saves clicks if you’re using the same login method every time. It doesn’t work well if you want to change login method — this is something we are actively looking at improving, we will likely be adding an ON/OFF switch to autologin in order to let you choose your login method once more. Until we have, please use container tabs, with a container for each identity you’d like to use.

For the record, no snooping is happening. We save your last login method when you are on the login page using a browser feature called localStorage. It is saved there just for the auth0 host, which means it can only be accessed by the login page. Because you can access that same page in multiple tabs, it works in multiple tabs.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

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