Impossible ajouter modules


Bonjour, 2 problèmes :
1 - Clic Firefox>>" A propos de Firefox " : Firefox quantum 64.0 " redémarrer pour mettre à jour Firefox " : je redémarre, mais le message persiste.
2 - impossible d’ajouter de nouveaux modules : " Une erreur inattendue s’est produite pendant l’installation."

1 - Clic Firefox>>" About Firefox " : Firefox quantum 64.0 " restart to update Firefox ": ** I restart, but the message persists **.
2 - ** I can’t add new addons **: “An unexpected error occurred during installation.”

(Jorge) #2

It sounds like Firefox doesn’t have write access to the right places so it can update or install extensions. I could be wrong, though. Try to look for help at


Actually, I don’t understand anything in those forums, nor in computing.
Moreover, the technical vocabulary in english doesn’t help ! (I’m french)
I think i’m gonna quit, or find a precedent firefox.
Thanks anyway.

(Jorge) #4

The support site is also available in French



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