Imtranslator add-on only works sporadically

For me (Firefox 106.0.1 (64-bit) and Windows 10) the Imtranslator add-on only works sporadically.

  1. I.e. the round balloon does not appear after selecting the text to be translated.
  2. When you click the ImTranslator icon in the toolbar, the window that appears is totally empty.
  3. After right-clicking on the highlighted text, the ImTranslater functions do not appear in the drop-down menu.

As mentioned, it works sporadically, sometimes the mentioned errors occur, sometimes everything works as expected. So far I haven’t
figured out what caused this misbehavior.


You need to get in touch with the developer (this is the support site linked in their AMO listing:

They can help you with issues with the extension.