Inclined to help with this migration for NSS reference

i was trying to edit page

i have come across message on page

We are migrating the SSL Reference into the format described in the MDN Style Guide. If you are inclined to help with this migration, your help would be very much appreciated.

i dont know coding. does it require simple skills ?
if yes, can you please provide info here.

I believe that message is just referring to how the page is being upgraded visually so that the wiki pages have a uniform ‘style’ to them, so changing the header and subtitle on this topic for example:


Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Hmm, that note was added in May 2013, and the page has been barely touched except for maintenance since that time. The link to the style guide is a redirect, and may not point to what was originally intended. (It may have been meant to point to visual style (now covered by Classes and styles used in MDN content) rather than writing style.)

This is not an actively maintained area of MDN, and therefore probably not the most impactful place to put effort into.

If you’re looking for ways to contribute that don’t require coding skills, you could help with editorial reviews.

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this will save a lot of time for me, thank you.