[Incoming] Decentralized Taxonomy

(David Teller) #1

A few bits and pieces of Decentralized Taxonomy have started landing.

Nothing too serious yet, so I don’t expect breakages at this stage, but something more serious is bound to land sooner or later and change APIs by design.

If you encounter a problem, feel free to ping me.

(Sam) #2

Hey, where can I find docs or info on the new API design?

(Fabrice) #3

Sam, see https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/towards-decentralized-taxonomy/8020

(David Teller) #4

Decentralized Taxonomy has landed \o/.

In the interest of getting things landed, a few features that were not critical have been postponed, typically the ability to pass arguments when calling Fetch, return values when calling Send, and the Delete operation. I’ll try and add them progressively.