Infra Working Group

Hey again!

I set up the next meeting for the infrastructure working group on Thursday the 28th, at 22:30 India Standard Time/19:00 Central European Standard Time/17:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)/10:00 Pacific Daylight Time.
This will take place in the B2G Vidyo room, on the B2G OS telegram group or #fxos IRC channel on
There is a pad here for agenda and questions.

I decided on this time because we need to get it this started, if you want to participate but the time really doesn’t work for you, please let us know or contact me directly. The following meeting time will be decide by a poll.


Normally I will be there :slightly_smiling:

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This meeting happens today. :slight_smile:


I am there in telegram group!

The chat takes part mostly in the pad, and the videoconferencing is in the vidyo room.

Reminder for everyone, it’s in 1h :slightly_smiling: