InfraRed - Cooperation in Decentralized Infrastructure

This session is facilitated by Tim Müller, Georgia Bullen, Maddish Falzoni, Gaba Rodriguez

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About this session

First, we will present the InfraRed initiative and it’s public pledge ( Second, we will discuss the InfraRed network’s focus areas (Solidarity, User and Social Movement Engagement, Technology Platform, Shared Infrastructure) and brainstorm the needs of MozFest attendees when they use or occupy infrastructure in the Internet. And third, we will discuss in an open space how cooperation in decentralized network and different communities can be improved. The discussion shouldn’t be limited to technical solutions, but also focus on social dynamics. Therefore, we will collectively identify areas of improvement and attendees will write their ideas on post-its and group them under the related area. We will then discuss how these ideas relate to each other and order them by dependency, suspected outcome and difficulty.

Goals of this session

Raise awareness for the InfraRed initiative and their autonomous service providers. Identify areas of improvement, including user to provider and provider to provider relations. Collect ideas on how to improve the cooperation in decentralized systems. Increase understanding and appreciation of governance and trust models in decentralized infrastructure.