Introduce yourself!

(Abhishek Potnis) #22

Hello All,
I am Abhishek Potnis, from India. I am a Mozilla Representative and a Mozilla Code Contributor. I primarily contribute code by fixing bugs for Firefox. I have completed my Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Mumbai, India.

I have joined the Tablet Contribution Program because I have been interested in Firefox OS ever since its inception, have been following its development, and would love to make it better and suitable for Tablets.

(Josh Smith) #23

Hello, my name is Josh and I am from a small county in central New York. I have been volunteering for Mozilla for a couple of years now, and have migrated around a bit, contributing to SUMO, FFOS, WebDev, and User Advocacy. I joined the tablet program so that I could help endow Firefox OS Flatfish with the best user experience ever! I also will be designing a tablet interface for the word processing app Firetext.

(Dimas Andhana) #24

I’m Dimas Andhana and I’m from Indonesia. By day I do digital entrepreneur on mobile apps development and I am known to join in Mozilla Reps. I joined the tablet program because I want to contribute on testing Firefox OS for tablet, reporting some bugs, and try another contribution by developing some apps.

(Saicharanreddy P) #25

I’m Sai Charan Reddy and I’m from India. By day I Computer Geek working in documenting things. developing websites and web based apps from past 3 years, it’s my job and my passion but I am known to occasionally talk about Web Makers and Documentation. I joined the tablet program because I am always excited to contribute my part with that and the key is always be open. My plans to get involved are to develop some cool apps, test it in order to find bugs and make it a better place to eery developer and non-developer to test it and get there feedback. This also gets into localization part as well as we are getting close to people as well they can find some bugs and report us or we may get some idea which may count in increasing popularity.

(Brion) #26

Hi all! I’m Brion Vibber of Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco. I’m excited about diversity in the mobile ecosystem and am super excited to be able to help with the early tablet development on Firefox OS! Interested in experimenting on the app side with some experimental Wikipedia apps, and on the system side with generally using it and helping find and fix bugs.

(Andre Natal) #27

I’m Andre Natal and I’m from Brazil. I am a speech software developer, and I joined the tablet program because I want to make them hear and talk!

(Juan Gómez) #28

Hi all,
My name is Juan Gómez and I do belive that the WEB should be the platform so I’ve been contributing to Firefox OS project since almost the beginning. My contributions are more focused on low level layers (Gonk/Gecko/HAL) so this is where I plan to help in this new exciting challenge that Mozilla brought to us :blush:


(Rami) #29

Hey everybody,
My name is Rami, from Jordan but currently based in Netherlands, during the day I am IT guy in the UN and after work I am Mozillian (So far for 10 years). My main contribution is l10n and mentor the new mozillian in our communities.
Looking forward to start using the tablets and help to push FFX OS forward

(Tanha Islam) #30

Hi everyone,
I’m Tanha Islam. I am a women Rep from bangladesh. Currently I am contributing in webmaker and l10n. I Mainly work with the student working group who works for FSA. I study computer science and engineering . I am mozillian for more than a year. I joined the tablet program because I want to experiment with it, localize it and also give other contributors who could not get it for testing.
Thank you!

(ericcc) #31

I’m eric and I’m from Taiwan. By day I am a qa engineer in testing and in automation. I joined the tablet program because I would like to contribute to localization of FxOS, and to introduce it to people around Taiwan.

(Smartgaurav22) #32

I’m Gaurav Bhardwaj and I’m from India . By day I am pursuing my engineering in computer science . I am Firefox Regional Marketing Ambassador & contributor of Mozilla involved in support ,localization,webmaker etc. I joined the tablet program because I am interested in Firefox OS since its evolution , and I want Firefox OS Tablets to revolutionized the way of existed modern tablets.

(Pablo Sepulveda) #33

Hi all,

My name is Pablo Sepúlveda, I’m from Chile and I’m Software Engineer. I’m working (volunteer) in Mozilla Chile community as Firefox OS Developer Lead, I’m helping to resolve bugs, apps development and events (like hackathons). I joined the tablet program because I like Firefox OS and I think that the future is in the open and free web (multi platform). I would like to help test (resolve bugs), hack and develop apps for Firefox OS on tablets.

Regards and thank you Mozilla! :slight_smile:

(Justin) #34

Hello all,

My name is Justin, I’m from California. I’m a Sr. UI developer at a UX agency. By day I spend most my time on client work, encouraging engagement within open source & development communities and often run workshops on new technologies and Git workflow best practices for my team. I joined the the tablet contribution program because of Firefox OS’ connection with the open web platform and would like to help test, hack and build for Firefox OS.

(Kairo) #35

I thought I’d wait until I actually get my tablet but now I replied on a different thread, so here I go… :wink:

I’m Robert Kaiser, known as “KaiRo” across the project, including IRC, and I live in Austria (Vienna at the moment).
I’ve been active in the Mozilla project for 15 years now, first as a localizer and theme designer (which I still do), then I did project management for SeaMonkey for 5 years, and 3 years ago I started working for Mozilla in the stability (crash analysis) group. Nowadays I’m part of QA as a project manager for the Stability Program and some other efforts.

I always found the idea of “Boot 2 Gecko” intriguing, which originally was started with a blank repository to “perhaps get something running on tablets first”, but rapidly evolved to the current Firefox OS and centered around phones. I’ve been using Firefox OS phones as my primary phone for almost a year now and I love it, so I’m eager to see us come full circle and get tablet support going (as well as other form factors, I bought an APC Rock, for example).

(Diego Alvarado) #36

Hello guys!

I’m Diego and I’m from Venezuela, but I moved to Madrid, Spain, 4 years ago to make my Master and PhD in Computer Science in the area of Human-Computer Interaction. I’m currently living in Lugano, Switzerland, though, cause I’m doing a research stay here, but I should go back to Madrid in a couple of months to finish my doctorate. So, by day I’m a researcher but I am known to occasionally develop small web projects. I’m a lifelong learner, I’m always doing courses online on Coursera, EdX, etc. I joined the tablet program because I just LOVE Mozilla’s initiative to make mobile apps development totally open and that approach of making it all compliant with standard web technologies (HTML5, CSS3 and JS).

It’s nice to be part of the team and hopefully I’ll receive my tablet soon to start making my own contributions to this awesome project!


(Manojit Ghosh) #37

Hello Friends,

My name is Manojit Ghosh. I am from West Bengal, India.
These are the numbers of my apps in different marketplaces:
Firefox Marketplace: 63
Google Play: 17
Nokia Store: 14
Tizen Store: 11
Windows Store: 2
I am interested in the Tablet Contribution Program because I want to take
tablet app development to a new level. I have plans to develop
engaging educational apps, healthcare apps and games for Firefox OS tablets.

(Robin Jacobs) #38

Hi there

I’m Robin, and I’m from Belgium. I have been experimenting with programming since I was 12 or 13, and lately I’ve been leaning more towards mobile and web development. I’ve also been using Linux since around that time.
Since Firefox OS is a combination of mobile and web, and is a Linux-based platform, this seemed like an interesting project to be a part of. I’m excited to get the chance to help shape this great platform!


(Patilkr24) #39

I’m Kailas and I’m from India. I joined the tablet program because to contribute to the FxOS testing on tablet, Contribute to add new features to FxOs to make it more innovative and rich in user experience, report bugs in FxOS, and spread the awareness of FxOS and Mozilla Mission to the society.

(Binoybalu) #40

Hello Everyone,

                    Am BinoyBalu from India. I have been a C,C++ lover from my 7th Grade. Started with the logos and different patterns and shapes with the C,C++ programs not knowing they are really important stuffs,I got introduced to HTML and CSS from my 11th Standard and still continuing with the beauty of that with Js. Currently am a 3rd Year Degree student in Kochi,Kerala. Am really Happy to be a part of TCP because am an opensource lover/Contributor. Am really excited to work on this great platform. 

All the best to Everyone in TCP. As we do it becomes a part of our code … <3 Mozilla <3

(Saudin Dizdarevic) #41

Hello, I’m Saudin Dizdarevic and I’m from Bosnia. By day I play with Embedded Systems/MCUs Development Boards and electronics, but I am known to occasionally as a student of masters programme on university of Electrical engineering in Sarajevo, at the department of Automatic Control and Electronics. I joined the tablet program because I like to play with new technology stuff, report bugs, test, localise, contribute to community, experimenting, hack, analyze. Here is my blog and my work so far: Because tablets are expensive in Bosnia, if I get the tablet to test, it would be my own first tablet ever (i played with iPad only on my University).