Introduce yourself!

(Andre Alves Garzia) #42

I’m Andre Alves Garzia and I’m from Niterói city in the Rio de Janeiro state in sunny and confused Brazil. By day I am a mobile app developer but I am known to occasionally write books. I joined the tablet program because tablets are my favorite form factor and I think they are terribly underused mostly due to UX and badly designed apps.

My idea is to help shape Firefox OS for tablets into a super fantastic platform for me and others. I am still a webOS developer and power user (daily driver still a pre3 and daily tablet is a Touchpad), I hope to bring some of what was good in webOS into Firefox OS.

I am a Mozilla Rep involved with the Brazilian Firefox OS Launch Team. Among my contributions for the platform I’ve written the “Quick Guide for Firefox OS Development” which was the first available book to guide new developers into our platform. Its FOSS and available at:


Thanks for posting your book Andre – it will save us a lot of time getting started!


(Viswaprasath) #44

I’m Viswaprasath and I’m from Salem, Tamilnadu a part of India. By day I mobile application developer(searching for a job) but I am known to occasionally technical blogger. For the past few days concentrating on the Firefox OS apps Development. And I contribute to some of the Mozilla Projects. I spend some of my time in AOA. Then I do Firefox OS apps Reviews.

I joined the tablet program because I love developing HTML5 based mobile applications. I would like to contribute by finding bugs want to learn more about the development and improve my technical knowledge.

(Stefan) #45

I’m Stefan and I’m originally from Austria - currently based in London, UK. By day I’m hacking HTML5 at - where I am in charge of the transition to a fully responsive mobile-first redesign - but I am known to occasionally go rock climbing and vote for bearded ladies on Eurovision. I joined the tablet program because I wanted to deep dive into the Mozilla community and help make FirefoxOS a real open alternative to Android & co.

(Pavithran) #46

I am pavithran from India. I have been under free software sphere for quite some time. I am interested in localisation of the tablet and to create some local centric applicatons.

(Giroto) #47

Hello guys, I’m from Brazil and I have the first code school for kids and teens (SuperGeeks). We want use FirefoxOS and the tablet in some classes and to teach our students how to build amazing apps.

(Andrew [:feer56] ) #48

A huge and warm hug to everyone. WELCOME!

(Carsten Sandtner) #49

I’m Carsten Sandtner from Germany and I live near Frankfurt and currently I am Head of Development at an agency in Mainz (Mayence). I’m playing around with FirefoxOS since the first simulator has been released and I bought a Geeksphone Keon as soon as it came out. As a huge fan of HTML5 I appreciate Mozillas efforts to bring HTML5 to mobile! I’m glad than I am part of TCP and I want to help testing software and as a former Zynga employee I want to bring some nice HTML5 games for Tablets and phones. Of course tablet optimized! :wink:

(Aras Balali Moghaddam) #50

Hi Everyone!
I am Aras from BC, Canada. I am a freelancer, working on mobile web applications. I joined the TCP because to me it represents the hope that in future we will have an open market, for everyone around the world, to freely create mobile apps and share them with the world. I hope that I can make some small contibutions to improve the user experience on the tablet.

(Rigin Oommen) #51

I am Rigin Oommen, from Mozilla Kerala Community Currently I am doing my engineering in Information Technology at Jayamatha Engineering College. I am interested in app development for Firefox OS , Localization and support, Spreading and Support of “WORD OF MOZILLA”.

(Mohammed Irfan) #52

Hello mozillians!

I’m Irfan from Calicut, India, currently pursuing final year of B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. TCP sounds like an interesting platform for me to get my hands dirty on something (especially open source). I’m interested in general hacking around the device, posting bugs and engaging in community discussions.

My recent experience with Firefox OS was when I tried to port the B2G onto my Huawei IDEOS u8150. (absurd, I know :blush:) I couldn’t go further because I realized I needed Android 4.0+ built for my device first (The last official update for my device was froyo) . Finally gave up because it was too taxing for the lousy hardware I had. :smile:

(Mandeep) #53

I’m Mandeep and I’m from New York. By day I’m a freelancer but I am known to occasionally lift weights and play games. I joined the tablet program because I’m interested in B2G’s approach to web apps and want to (at least attempt to) make some useful contribution to FirefoxOS beyond making an app. The potential of low cost devices (like Tarako) to bring the web to millions of people is what excites me most about all of this.

(James tranmer) #54

Hi im james (jamezgosxc). Im from Lincolnshire in the UK studying Computer and systems development at College. I applied to join because it will allow me to focus on what im most interested in computers e.g. web based applications. I like the idea of something fresh in the market that will be more affordable and powerful than the standard tablet range. Its an amazing feeling to be apart of something of which will eventually hit the market in which I know I have contributed to in one way or another. that said when do the tablets arrive? mine still hasn’t as of yet.

(Abinovarghese) #55

Hai :smile: ,
I’m Abin O Varghese and I’m from India.By day I am completing my Bachelors in Electronics and communication Engineering from Cochin University,India.I am a Mozilla Student Representative and am happy to be a part of such big community.
I joined the tablet program because I can develop more apps and can test the Firefox os so that I will be able to find and report bugs making Firefox a great and stable os to hang with!

(Abhiram Chintangal) #56


I’m Abhiram Chintangal from India, and I am currently a graduate student. Apart from my school work, I am trying to get involved with different open source and free software projects. I find the community aspect of it very intriguing and at times very rewarding.

I am excited about the possibilities an open platform like FirefoxOS brings forward, its a long ride and I am happy to be on board :wink:

(Théo Chevalier) #57

I’m Théo Chevalier from France. I’m a CS student and I’ve been localizing Mozilla products (including Firefox OS :slight_smile: ) in French for a few years.
I’m doing an internship in the Mozilla Localization Team in Mountain View, and I joined the program because I truly care about offering to all of our users the best experience possible in their language, for all of our products and all of our devices.

(Marcelo Poli) #58

I’m Marcelo Poli from Argentina. I’ve been localizing since Phoenix 0.3 (long, long time ago). Now I’m also an app reviewer in Firefox Marketplace.
I can help localizing and testing.

(Oguzhan Unlu) #59

I’m Oguzhan Unlu and I’m from Turkey. By day I am an enthusiastic junior Computer Science student at Middle East Technical University. I like to contribute to open source software projects and do competitive programming. So far, Hazelcast and Pardus are the open source projects I contributed as hacker. I represent my university and country in national and international programming contests including ACM ICPC, IEEEXTREME, Vekua Cup etc. . I joined the tablet program because I want to make FirefoxOS better and meet new people who share the same passion with me.

I appreciate the effort shipping team made. Can’t wait to contribute after I get the delivery. Also I wait to be vouched so that I can join the groups, especially FirefoxOS Tablet Contribution Program.

(Emma Irwin) #60

I’m Emma and I’m from Sooke, BC Canda. By day I work as a developer community manager at SocialCoding4good but I am known to
occasionally do development work I joined the tablet program because I teach coding to youth on a regular basis and want to best understand how to connect FFOS appmaking with Webmaker activities.

(Haryati Salehin) #61

Hi everyone!

I’m Harrie and I’m originally from Malaysia. At the moment I live in Australia as a student in Sustainability Science. I work mainly on localization with Mozilla Malaysia community, and Webmaker sometimes. TBH, this is the first tablet that I have in my life. So I will be experimenting a lot! I joined the tablet program because I want to help in making the tablet better and competitive with the major tablet platforms we have today, and to make it affordable and worthy to everyone once it’s on the market. :smile: